SFX Athletes

Services: Branding, Web Design, IOS / Android App Design

Agency: Harlo Interactive

Creative Director: Danny Decker

Photography: John Shaffer

Website Development: Rama Olsen / Brian Landi

IOS App Development: Luis Cruz

While working with Harlo I had the opportunity to assist in two different startups from conception to beta. SFX Athletes is the world’s first online personalized training app and one of the largest clients I have worked with to date. During my time working with SFX Athletes, we built a brand from scratch, designed a marketing website and full-scale IOS Application.


See the live site here

SFX Athletes

Sam Johnson is a world class trainer who in 2020 decided to shift his focus towards working with high-school level athletes and access-ability to training. Sam had a vision and we helped to bring it to life.


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